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 P PREMIUM SEWN-IN INTEGRATION   Premium Integrations includes luxury shampoo, protein treatment, trim,detailed small braiding/stitching method, blending cut, style and last 2 to 3 months.

Add: $20 each additional bundle if 4 or more
Add: bleach knot closure treatment $20
Add: Take down $25, takedown plus extension hair revitalize $40
Add: Wand curls or precision cut $20

flower bullet Partial quarter head sewn in weave $175 ( A majority of natural hair around the perimeter is left out)

flower bullet Partial half head sewn in weave $225 (A small proportion of natural hair and the top and perimeter is left out)

flower bullet Full head sewn in weave $250 ( None of your natural hair is left out)

flower bullet Individual sewn in extension tracks $35 doubled row ( flat iron and style included,shampoo not included add $25 for shampoo)

flower bullet Individual braidless sewn in extensions tracks $55 doubled row (flat iron and style included add $25 for shampoo)

flower bullet Small sewn in side or bang piece $ 10 per row $20 for braidless sewn in

flower bullet Bonded individual extensions $15 per row

   Quick sewn-in integrations include express shampoo, condition, larger braids,a quicker stitching technique and last 4 to 6 weeks.

flower bullet Quick Partial sewn-in integration  $165

flower bullet Quick full sewn-in integration  $185

flower bulletQuick Bonded Integration $150 and up

flower bulletCrochet Integration $125 and up


flower bullet Lace frontal sewn- in  integration $300 ( includes lace frontal application and partial sewn in installation in the back )

flower bullet Lace unit application only $75

flower bullet Lace unit application and style $125 ( includes braiding of natural hair, and adhesive application, secure stitching, razor cut and style)  

flower bullet Infusion or micro link extensions $3 per pre tipped strand (extension hair not included)  
 CUSTOM HANDMADE UNITS   Unit prices include consultation, unit creation and fitting appointment. 50% deposit is required at consultation.

flower bulletV and U part hand stitched unit $250 & up ( v or u part opening left out at the top)

flower bulletFull hand stitched unit $350 ( Includes bleaching and hairline customization)

flower bulletV and U part bonded unit $125

flower bulletFull bonded unit $150

flower bulletCustom crown unit $125

flower bulletCustom clip in extensions $35 each row

(Extension hair is not included in price, price of hair depends on quality, length and texture)
Add custom color $75 and Up. For more details about custom units please click here


flower bulletWig care/ Unit (shampoo, condition , style and repair ) $55 and Up

flower bulletWig/ unit cut $35  

 INTEGRATION MAINTENANCE    Price increases depending on length and number of bundles installed. 

 flower bulletShampoo, custom conditioning and tightening $65 and up