Proper maintenance and extension care will result in beautiful longer lasting extensions. Here are a few extension care tips.

1. Avoid a lot of exposer to chlorine and saltwater

2. Brush hair gently with a paddle or loop brush

3. At night wear a satin or silk bonnet or scarf you can also sleep with a satin pillow case and put our hair in a loose pony on the top of your head and two loose braids so that the hair keeps its style and doesn't tangle.

4. If you have curls you can use flexi rods at night to maintain curls



5. Deep condition your extension hair once a month to keep the hair feeling soft and hydrated.




Use light styling products, don't use anything to heavy because it will weigh the hair down and cause the hair to tangle.



 7. If you have curly textured extensions spray hair daily with water and leave in conditioner and finger de- tangle and use a wide tooth comb to comb through then use a curl defining product to lock in the curls and reduce the friz.